Saturday, 29 September 2012

Learning new things - Work Experience

In September I undertook a week's work experience at Graphics and Print in Telford. It gave me real insight into what the industry is like outside of University. My first task of the week was to re-design their desktop calendar that is given to everyone in the company to either put on the desk or hang on the wall.

My nex task was to design a range of Raffle Tickets and Scratch Cards for a charity in Leeds called St George's Crypt. This christian charity provides care and support for the homless, vulnerable and disadvantaged people ever since 1930. My first port of call was to research into the charity and find any suitable photographs on their website to feature on either the raffle tickets or scratch cards. The company also showed me that you can use photogrpahs off the website iStockPhoto whilst designing and if the designs with images from that website are picked the company will then purchase them ready for print. I also needed to considered the information that would need to be wrote onto the raffle ticket so researched into previous raffle ticket designs to see what info had been used.

The charity was also offering when a ticket was purchased for that ticket to be entered into a prize draw where you could win either a Kindle or a night away. I featured this offer on some of the designs and on others focused on dramatic quotations and peoples stories. Depending on what the client preferred either the prize offer or the stories could be easily adapted to which design they preferred.

This featured image was from the website iStockPhoto and was one of my favourites as it came with nothing wrote on the cardboard being held, so meant text could be placed on top and look as though the person in the photo had wrote it.

As mentioned under the first design I used the same technique and also found that the ticket labels used to show where to write your personal details worked well too in relation to the cardboard effect , as well as moving around when homeless.

This design featured images from the charities website. This was to give a direct link between the ticket and the charity. I also decided to write a brief description of what buying the raffle ticket will help the charity achieve. A small mention of the prize draw was featured on the personal details slip to the right.

This design was completely different to those above as I decided to try a different apprach to give the client more of a choice. Using the St George's Crypt colour of green as the background gave more of a connection to the charity. Photos were fetched from the iStockPhoto website and are related to the topic of being homeless. The emphasis on the quotations I felt was key as it draw attention to what to the charity is trying to achieve aswell as praising your support.

More to be added soon!!