Friday, 23 March 2012

Final Part - Funeral

The final part to my animation was taken on grass instead of the table used in my previous animation parts. The reason for this was to relate the grass to the burial held at funerals with flowers at the side. The simple phrase of Sorry,x is to explain sorry for the loss of the person as well as sorry for the things they didnt do in their life as many people do end up regretting what their family members didnt do, hence the title on the card Regret

I found that this was the shortest animation part out of the five sections as it only took me under three quarters of an hour to complete. The grass had been dry for days so today was a great day to do it so the card didn't get damaged.

Part 4 - Retirement

Originally I was going to have Christening, Birthday, Wedding and then a Funeral but then decided to add an extra part between the Wedding animation and then Funeral as it seemed to be quite a drastic end that you have a wedding then die and nothing is come in between. So I added a Retirement stage, I could of gone down a range of avenues New Home, New Job etc.

My main object for this stage is a key. To represent a person giving back the keys to the work place. The reaction of the pen is that it is fully upright then goes to become horizontal to represent lying down and relaxing.

Part 4 - Retirement 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Music to accompany my Vis Com Typography Video

This is the music I will use which will feature alongside my 30 images I have selected from a range taken inside and out. It's from the french film, Amelie and is titled Comptine D' un Autre Ete and simply involves the sound of a piano.

Friday, 16 March 2012





Information sign

Direction sign

Advertisement from 1616 on a building in Low Town,

Information sign

Street sign

Directional post

London Underground

Letterforms used as candles


Road sign

Garden sign

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Part 3 - Wedding

After taking the photos for Part 2, I got straight onto capturing the photographs for Part 3 - Wedding. This part of the four part sequence only took 275 photographs. I find each time I do the next stage I get quicker at completing the task. For all of the sequences I have used a tripod to have achieve a professional look to my animation.

Whilst taking the photographs for them I realised that in my design ideas I have considered using a wine glass as another object related to this theme. However, when it came to placing the glass within the frame it was too large so I therefore changed the idea and used party popper strings to decorate the frames more and also instead of continuing the theme of the pens dancing in celebration, this time two pens engaged in their own "marriage" where I used paper hearts from the confetti to help show the story a little more clearly.

Part 2 - Birthday

Today I have completed taking photographs of the second part to my four part animation, Life Through an Invitation. I took around an hour and a half to capture the 392 photos to complete this part. After completing this part I watched the photos being played back on the camera and found that it worked really well and I am happy with how it looks when I use my hand within the animation.

Tomorrow at uni I will try and Batch Process them all on photoshop to them upload them onto Flash and to then see what it looks like played back in full. Hopefully it will be a success!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Prototyping my animation idea

My animation for Dynamic Imagery is going to follow the storyline of events that occur during everyones life but featured through invitations, such as Christening, Birthday, Wedding and Funerals. However, as every invitation is wrote using a pen, stationary will also be included. Example of how they will be used is after the birthday invitation is wrote the pen will remain still on the table until a song that can be related to the party atmosphere comes on and then the pens will start to dance. For a funeral scene, the pens will rotate from side to side and go at a more slower pace in remembrance. Featured alongside each invitations will be something that can also be associated with the invite. Christening = bear, Birthday = cupcake, Wedding = confetti, Funeral = white petals to represent lilies.

Yesterday I prototyped my first out of 4 parts that will create my main animation called Life Through and Invitation. It was a very time consuming process that ended up with around 380 photographs. the most time consuming part of the animation was capturing the text being written on the card. I am yet to capture the other 3 following parts to the animation as I wanted to see if this worked well first. 

This animation uses the Stop-Motion technique. Once I had Batch-processed these images and put them together on Flash I did consider whether uses the technique of Time-Lapse animation would work better but then realised it would not capture like I have done here. I like how effective the hand looks as it opens the card and folds down the crease in the centre. 

Part 1 - Christening

Friday, 2 March 2012


The final brief for Vis Com is called Inside/Outside where I have to find letterforms within the interior and exterior environment.

Caption on a photo frame in my room



"Paris" Canvas













Range of letterforms

Home Coat hanger




Letterforms on wood