Friday, 9 March 2012

Prototyping my animation idea

My animation for Dynamic Imagery is going to follow the storyline of events that occur during everyones life but featured through invitations, such as Christening, Birthday, Wedding and Funerals. However, as every invitation is wrote using a pen, stationary will also be included. Example of how they will be used is after the birthday invitation is wrote the pen will remain still on the table until a song that can be related to the party atmosphere comes on and then the pens will start to dance. For a funeral scene, the pens will rotate from side to side and go at a more slower pace in remembrance. Featured alongside each invitations will be something that can also be associated with the invite. Christening = bear, Birthday = cupcake, Wedding = confetti, Funeral = white petals to represent lilies.

Yesterday I prototyped my first out of 4 parts that will create my main animation called Life Through and Invitation. It was a very time consuming process that ended up with around 380 photographs. the most time consuming part of the animation was capturing the text being written on the card. I am yet to capture the other 3 following parts to the animation as I wanted to see if this worked well first. 

This animation uses the Stop-Motion technique. Once I had Batch-processed these images and put them together on Flash I did consider whether uses the technique of Time-Lapse animation would work better but then realised it would not capture like I have done here. I like how effective the hand looks as it opens the card and folds down the crease in the centre. 

Part 1 - Christening

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