Sunday, 11 March 2012

Part 3 - Wedding

After taking the photos for Part 2, I got straight onto capturing the photographs for Part 3 - Wedding. This part of the four part sequence only took 275 photographs. I find each time I do the next stage I get quicker at completing the task. For all of the sequences I have used a tripod to have achieve a professional look to my animation.

Whilst taking the photographs for them I realised that in my design ideas I have considered using a wine glass as another object related to this theme. However, when it came to placing the glass within the frame it was too large so I therefore changed the idea and used party popper strings to decorate the frames more and also instead of continuing the theme of the pens dancing in celebration, this time two pens engaged in their own "marriage" where I used paper hearts from the confetti to help show the story a little more clearly.

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