Monday, 24 October 2011

Visiting Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Today after handing in my Trading Card for Visual Communications I went and visited the Art Gallery to complete the task set on Wednesday session on Intro to Art & Design in Contextual Studies. I looked at a range of work from the Georgian Period, BP Portrait Award Exhibition and the Ed Ruscha Exhibition. I find that particularly liked the work by Ruscha, especially his piece "I plead insanity because I'm just crazy about that little girl" Pastel on paper. This is because it's a striking piece and the text colour and background go well together in order to create a well constructed piece.

His print " Rooftop" Series #1 I found was a very professional silver/gelatin print which grabbed my attention as the text on the roof is the first thing I saw then I realised that there was a featured car in the background. The greyscale tone of this image gives a great effect and makes the print more eye-catching.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Continue on Creating thumbnails

After speaking to the tutor on Tuesday I then went and designed 6 more thumbnails using the tips and advice given to me. I also created a proposed image that would be featured on the DPS using a film strip from Google images and my own photographs which I took on my visit around Wolverhampton in September.

More thumbnails created after gaining tips and advice.

Wolverhampton - Where are we? Creating thumbnails

Creating thumbnails for the Type Fundamental blog has been an on going development process that I started when I joined the course. I have gained feedback such as to work smaller which has worked in my favor as I am now finding designing the thumbnails an easier task. I was firstly working on Cartridge paper but I am now working on Layout paper suggested by tutors. I find the paper more easier when placing down marks and for creating detail. 
   After speaking to one of the tutors on a session on Tuesday, I realised that I haven't been designing them the way that I would want them to be produced. The photographs below show the development from this stage:
                As you can see my designs show that I am wanting the text to go straight across the whole of the page rather than columns.
Testing out different typefaces for my main heading

Friday, 14 October 2011

Wolverhampton - Where are we?

Living just 20 minutes by car, 40 minutes by bus away from Wolverhampton getting to University is easy. I recently transferred courses onto Graphic Communication from Events & Venue Management as I found during the first 2 weeks of that course that it just wasn't for me and I wasn't enjoying my time there, so I decided to change this immediately. Now, successfully being accepted after having an interview and going through the transfer process I am now beginning to understand and complete the work set by each modules.

The Type Fundamental project, Where we are? I find is an interesting task as you get to gain a deeper concept into typefaces. Instead of just selecting a font you are learn different categories that typefaces come in to and also the measurements that type is measured in (points). So far, I have learnt that I need to work smaller in order to put more detail onto my drafts and also to sharpen my pencil to allow me to do this. Coming into the group 3 weeks late I feel that I have managed to grasp the work pretty quickly and start to develop ideas by attending group work sessions and seeing how other members in the group started to develop theirs. 

Wolverhampton - Where are we?

These are just a small few of the photographs
taken when I went around Wolverhampton
taking photos for a featured page in my project
flip file. All 3 photographs below haven't been
edited but are distinct with their shape and