Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wolverhampton - Where are we? Creating thumbnails

Creating thumbnails for the Type Fundamental blog has been an on going development process that I started when I joined the course. I have gained feedback such as to work smaller which has worked in my favor as I am now finding designing the thumbnails an easier task. I was firstly working on Cartridge paper but I am now working on Layout paper suggested by tutors. I find the paper more easier when placing down marks and for creating detail. 
   After speaking to one of the tutors on a session on Tuesday, I realised that I haven't been designing them the way that I would want them to be produced. The photographs below show the development from this stage:
                As you can see my designs show that I am wanting the text to go straight across the whole of the page rather than columns.
Testing out different typefaces for my main heading

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