Thursday, 17 November 2011

Type Fundamental Brief #2 ~ Thumbnail Designs

The second part to the Type Fundamental brief is to design another DPS using a 7 column gird and 3mm gutters as well as a front cover titled Horizon. Images can be used on each of the designs. I am currently thinking of using the 1930's projection photograph on the front cover. Still yet to decide on the type face I am going to use. I will use the website called to help generate some type title ideas. Below are some of the starting thumbnails designs I have generated for the new brief.

Featured in these thumbnails all have a quotation due to the text that has been
given with this brief having a quote from Jeff Leak. Subheadings have been outlined
by the bolder lines.

This scan of the second page of thumbnails shows that the bottom two
have been created by using the gird. The one design to the bottom right
of the scren shows how differently text can look on a page depending on the
size of the page.

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