Thursday, 10 November 2011

Taking my thumbnails to screen!

Firstly, I scanned in one of my thumbnail pages that I had the thumbnail design I want to use InDesign. I then transferred this scan onto InDesign after setting aside 2 A4 pages side by side to create my DPS. I was then able to succussfully place the image and start to insert text over the top of the scan. I found this technique very useful and found that quite actually liked doing this transformation process from paper to screen.

As you can see I've managed to place the text over the scan in the correct place
and its starting to look quite effective. "Relax Enjoy Watch" is in italics which gives
it a different style to the rest of the title. Cinematic is in a more of a modern typeface
due to the change in cinemas over the years and Theatre is in a Sans Serif typeface
which represent the dated periods of theatre and its architecture.

I then started to insert my 250 words. A range of questions and quotations from an
interview I held with an employee from my local cinema, Bridgnorth Majestic.

After speaking to one of the tutors in Tuesdays session I was able to gain some great
advice on how to use the space on the page more in order to create even more of an
effect. I may even consider using a photograph of the employee at the cinema with
some popcorn in his hands and smiling to create more of a friendly feel to the text.

Above is the scan of the newly edited first DPS page after chatting to one of my tutors
on Tuesday. As you can see an introductory paragraph is shown aswell as both titles
have been moved in order to create a more dramatic and some ways stylish effect.

The only thing that has been changed on this thumbnail scan is that the employees
name is in bold to stand out and is also smaller than the main quote. This allows the
quote to stand out. The text that was featured in the left colum has been moved to
make the introductory paragraph.

What my 250 words is going to be....
Including (Cinematic Theatre Relax Enjoy Watch)

Cinematic Theatres are present throughout many towns and cities today. They offer a range of film and theatrical genres to the general public at sometimes a small but majority of the time a high cost. Due to the recent economic downfall in the United Kingdom, many people have had to hold back on socialising and enjoying in buying more than just the basics. Have you held back on socialising recently? The internet now allows people to view anything, including privacy films. This is not only illegal but you’re not experiencing the cinematic atmosphere.

There are many theatres throughout Wolverhampton and the Black Country including Grand Theatre, Arena Theatre and Birmingham’s Hippodrome. Most offering musicals, pantomimes, dance, opera and not forgetting a good laugh (comedy). Would you go to the theatre during your first couple of weeks as fresher’s? Doubtful. Why not go and experience shouting one of the world’s most famous pantomimes feedback lines, “He’s behind you!” Guaranteed to leave you feeling calm and happy the theatre also holds host to fantastic architecture and lighting. Why not save over the year and visit a theatre near you once every academic year? Spice your university life up in a more cultured way and experience the best of Britain.

“I enjoy selling the tickets or confectionary to the customers as it means I get to interact with them and therefore this improves my communication skills.”
Conor Mitchell, Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema
What makes the cinematic experience for you?

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