Thursday, 10 November 2011

How my Escher Eye-dea started!

I have previously posted about the finla steps I took to create my idea of M C Escher's Eye. However, the pictures you see below are of the starting process which took place before the final steps on Photoshop on Friday 4th. The idea came to me when I saw the skull in the pupil and thought about what I see on a daily basis. All these areas I see are the space around me, whether its my hometown of Bridgnorth where I not only live in but work part-time at a local Bar & Grill, The Bassa Villa, but also Wolverhampton, especially the university as this is the only reason why I come to "wolves". Both these areas create who I am today and I see these places through my eyes so thought about changing the skull that Escher created and inputting the areas I see.

This photo scan shows the first inital design ideas (Eye-dea). The description below the quick sketch describes what each place in the eye represents.

This next scan shows the quick test of the Escher Eye-dea I carried out. This simply involved printing out a couple of Escher eyes aswell as quickly on PhotoShop removing the pupil so I could place the photos inside. I did this step by using the magic wand quick selection tool and then using the eraser to get rid of the pupil. You will also see photosthat I might consider if I decide to go ahead with this design.

The next step I did on PhotoShop CS3 was posted earlier this week. Check it out :)

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