Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cinematic Theatre Update!!

During this weeks tutorial sessions I have managed to insert an image of Conor who was the employee from the Majestic Cinema in Bridgnorth.

Conor Mitchell, Majestic Cinema Bridgnorth
The photograph of Conor above was edited slightly in PhotoShop to enable the reader to see his face more due  the background being more darker. I edited the levels of the photograph then inversed in order to darker the background after making Conor lighter. I then was able to change the colour to Black & White and then save the image as a TIFF file which allows the quality to be better when printing. Unfortunately, blogger had an error when trying to upload the photo. This photograph is featured to the right of the Cinematic Theatre title and underneath the introduction.

My next step was to buy some popcorn and take a photo of it which could then be edited to create another image effect for the zine. With a saving of 42p! Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn was lovely to tuck in to after taking the photo. I took the photograph of the spread out popcorn on a clean white page so that when I come to quick select the popcorn pieces due to it being taken on a white background it will be easier and less time consuming when placing each piece onto my second page of the DPS.
Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn! Placed specifically for second page
of Cinematic Theatre.

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