Monday, 24 October 2011

Visiting Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Today after handing in my Trading Card for Visual Communications I went and visited the Art Gallery to complete the task set on Wednesday session on Intro to Art & Design in Contextual Studies. I looked at a range of work from the Georgian Period, BP Portrait Award Exhibition and the Ed Ruscha Exhibition. I find that particularly liked the work by Ruscha, especially his piece "I plead insanity because I'm just crazy about that little girl" Pastel on paper. This is because it's a striking piece and the text colour and background go well together in order to create a well constructed piece.

His print " Rooftop" Series #1 I found was a very professional silver/gelatin print which grabbed my attention as the text on the roof is the first thing I saw then I realised that there was a featured car in the background. The greyscale tone of this image gives a great effect and makes the print more eye-catching.

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