Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Letterpress Workshop @ The Black Country Museum

On the 20th January I went to the Black Country Musuem in Dudley and took part in a Letterpress Workshop where I learnt about print with the help of the museums print expert. The workshop took place in an old shed featured within the grounds of the museum. We were shown how to print type using a composing stick which was quite hard due to the thinness of the type stick. I only found one mistake in mine which was the "a" in Graphic was up-side down.

We were also shown later in the day how to use a Peerless Press. The Peerless Press is used to print the type onto the museums gift bags that they sell their products in. It can be quite a dangerous piece of machinery if not used correctly. It is also can go very quick when in full flow.

Below are some of the photographs from inside the print shed and also photos of the pages within my folder where I have wrote about the experience etc.

Above is the other printing press used and below is
the result of the test I did on the day.

The type stick guide to show where each letter is
kept. It was known that printmakers could pick up
the type without having to look at this guide. 

Peerless Press

These bags are produced by using the Peerless Press.

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