Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Researching Wolverhampton Architecture

I then went onto researching Wolverhampton Architecture, looking Victorian, Georgian and Modern. I found quite a few places that photographed well enough to feature in either one of the double-page spreads. I decided to also use some previous photographs I have captured on a visit in 2010 to Alnwick in Northumberland. I captured a range of macro photographs of the flowers they had in their garden as well as some of their garden features. Even though they are not taken and in Wolverhampton Parks I still feel that they are appropriate due the category they fall into, Gardens/Parks.

Most of the photographs captured around Wolverhampton were taken only my HTC so therefore the quality isn't great on screen but after printing my finals they look okay. Below are the pages featured in my folder where I have documented about a few of the buildings photographed as well a photos around Wolverhampton by themselves.


NatWest Bank

Chapel Ash Church

Art Gallery Entrance

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