Friday, 9 December 2011

The Good and the Bad in newspapers

I decided to have a look at a few newspapers to see whats good and bad about them. I firstly had a look at the free newspaper, Metro. I instantly noticed that on their front page they had used hyphenation in their main article. This is something that we have been told not to use in either one of our DPS. This also occured in my local newspaper, Shropshire Star which costs a small 42p. I guess that if you want to read something that has had quite a considerably time taken on it and care put into the design it is best to buy either The Guardian, The Times or The Daily Mail.

Featured page within my flip file on Looking at the Good and the Bad.
Highlighted is where you'll find hyphenation occurs, you'll notice it happens
more in the Metro article then the small price 42p article. 

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