Friday, 9 December 2011

First Hello and Welcome layout try-out

I started using inDesign after I had come up with different design thumbnails for the new DPS Hello and Welcome. I did the same process that I did for Cinematic Theatre by scanning in the chosen thumbnail and then placing it into inDesign.

The new brief stated that which must use on each a4 page, 7 columns and 3 mm gutters. The Margins that I used were Top & Bottom at 15 mm and Inside & Outside at 10 mm. I found this this set up worked well when my scanned thumbnail was placed correctly. I find that this technique of scanning in the proposed design is a very useful and effective way in order to follow your design process correctly. 

For my ampersand I found the typeface called Zapfino which had a very classy and stylish approach to it. This is the effect I was hoping to fulfill in my work. For the Hello and Welcome I used two different typefaces; for the H and W I continued to use Zapfino and for the rest of the text I used Lucida Calligraphy. However, during a group session tutorial earlier this week, as well as having a lecturer from the University we were also able to gain feedback from a visiting professor from a University in Cyprus. I was told not to mix two typefaces like I had together so therefore this was one thing I was to change in the studio.

First attempt at Hello and WelcomE

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