Monday, 12 December 2011

Presenting the final 2 DPS and front cover!

In preparation for the hand in for Type Fundamentals I had to present the x2 DPS and the front cover of Horizon on sheets of A2 card. To start I had to measure out accurately where the paper would be placed on the card. This was a case of trial and error to ensure each side was accurate, with the top and bottom measuring 6.2 cm and the sides for DPS being around 8.4 cm and for the front cover it being 19.1 cm. A 1mm gap in between the 2 A4 sheets that make the DPS was also required.  The A2 card was of a neutral light grey tone and once the sheets had been placed on by using Spray Mount, which I found was relatively quick and easy to use although I thought it would be tricky, I then placed them inside a A2 plastic sleeve. 

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