Friday, 9 December 2011

Second attempt at Hello and Welcome

After the group session on Tuesday I headed over to scan in another thumbnail that was preferred by lecturers. This thumbnail design had more free space on the page that adds effect and it was also said that the way in which the proposed image had been placed would look interesting. 
New thumbnail design

I found that once I had uploaded the new design into inDesign that the space was easier to work with then the previous. By this I mean I was able to move text around and be able to group them in an effective way. I decided to keep the ampersand I had previously used in my first attempt at the DPS but take on board the advice given and just stick to one typeface for Hello/Welcome. I chose the typeface, Euphemia UCAS. I think that this typeface looks stylish and welcoming to the reader, its also clear.

My new Hello and Welcome

All the main text apart from the sub-headings is presented with the typeface Helvetica Neue. This typeface I found was useful for creating texture and tone with my work as it provides the user with not use Regular and Bold styles of the typeface but also allows you to show text in Light form. I found when I used this first it looked clear and followed nicely with the follow on text being in Regular. However, another advice that I took on from Tuesday group critical session was to maybe change the sub-heading typeface from Helvetica Neue to a serif typeface. I have now changed this and have used the typeface Arno Pro, as it allows me to use Light Display and is different to the follow on text. 

The quotation that was included in the supplied text I have singled out and have increased the spaces in between the lines. I have also used the same format with the Name and Location of who said the quote as the quote featured in Cinematic Theatre.

Overall, I have find that this layout is the one I think works best and flows nicely on the page. The only thing I would change if my skills in PhotoShop were more advanced is to make the photograph more appealing and stand out more. I have tried to make it stand out a little more by adding a shadow behind the first image. 

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